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SchoolsInvesting in Our Schools

As a mother of four, two of which face mental health challenges, Elizabeth knows the struggle parents face when ensuring that their children are getting a quality education - particularly for those that need additional mental health or disability services. As Delegate for the 31st district, Elizabeth will work to expand funding and opportunities for early childhood education, and will collaborate to foster strategic partnerships with organizations to bring in more programs like Head Start and Early Head Start to the community.

Elizabeth is also committed to working to restore funding for public schools, and to find funding and innovative solutions to deal with the challenge of growing class sizes, high teacher turnover rates, and teacher pay. She strongly supports State Senator Jeremy McPike's initiative to end the stringent SOL requirements the Commonwealth is putting on our students in the public schools.

ServicesIncrease of mental health staff and services in the public school system

We need to have more counselors and or licensed social workers in schools. My oldest child is 25 and my youngest is 7. I remember having at least three counselors per school. Nowadays, this field has been affected by school budget reductions sacrificing the opportunity to diagnose students and provide them with the support they need in a timely manner. By increasing the amount of counselors, schools could prepare an assessment on students and refer them to the rights services. Not only that, counselors could also educate their families about the need and importance of treating their children when they are diagnosed early on. Currently, in PWCS the ratio is 1 counselor to 500 students and it is unacceptable.

HealthcareExpanding Access to Affordable, Quality Healthcare

Partisan decision-making has left 400,000 Virginians without access to critical healthcare services that would have been provided under Medicaid expansion in Virginia. As your Delegate, Elizabeth will push for the General Assembly to accept funding for the Medicaid expansion initiative - money that hard-working Virginians have already paid into with their federal tax dollars, that is currently being sent out of state - to offer those critical services to Virginians that are uninsured or underinsured. As a dedicated public servant in the field of human services, Elizabeth has witnessed firsthand the struggles many of these hundreds of thousands of Virginians face because of their inability to access or afford health care services.

EconomyGrowing our Economy and Pushing for Higher Wages at Home

Elizabeth believes that no hard-working Virginian should struggle with putting food on the table for their families due to low wages or a lack of economic opportunity. Elizabeth is a strong believer in raising the minimum wage, so that families in the 31st district and across the Commonwealth aren't working 50-60 hour weeks and still having to choose between paying their bills and feeding their families. For Elizabeth establishing a living wage and promoting economic development is a family issue, because if individuals are making higher wages this will allow them the opportunity to spend more time with their families.

In addition to advocating for an increase in the minimum wage, Elizabeth will work to promote economic development opportunities in Prince William and Fauquier County, so that more residents will be able to work rewarding, high-paying jobs closer to home. Each day Elizabeth commutes more than 45 miles to work, due to the lack of high-paying jobs in Prince William and Fauquier that are competitive with the wages and opportunities of surrounding localities. Along with working to bring quality jobs to the district, Elizabeth will advocate for transportation options and instituting a flat fee for the area's EZ-Pass lanes, to make the lanes more affordable for commuters.

EnvironmentProtecting our Environment and Preserving our Farmland

One of Elizabeth's top priorities as Delegate would be protecting Virginia's many beautiful landmarks, natural spaces, and farmland areas. Elizabeth's grandparents were farmers, which gives her strong insight on the growing importance of protecting area farmland. She will ensure that it will be there for generations to come by promoting agribusiness and agricultural opportunities in the 31st district, and supporting small family farms.

ImmigrationDriver's licenses

Providing licenses to all those eligible to drive in the 31st District would open up driver's ability to get insurance on their vehicles and require individuals to take driver’s tests and properly register with the state’s motor vehicle agency.

Making licenses available to all residents would bring much-needed revenue back into Virginia-- revenue we are losing to Washington DC and Maryland, where they do allow for undocumented residents to get a license.

By allowing undocumented residents to get a license, we strengthen families-- with the permission to drive safely and legally to work, school, and elsewhere, undocumented families can participate more fully in society without the constant fear of being.

Unlicensed, uninsured drivers cause damage claims that cost other policy holders. More licensed and insured drivers will reduce the number of accidents and lower insurance rates for all.

VeteransIncrease support systems and programs for veterans who quit services without benefits

According to the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans, one million veterans currently face homelessness due to shortage of affordable housing in Northern Virginia and lack of support to transfer the skills they learned during their service. When veterans are not able to transfer their skills they are pushed into low-paying jobs that do not provide them with enough support for their families.

Women's RightsWomen's Rights

Elizabeth will join the fight of reproductive freedom. She believes that women should be presented with choices. If women are ready to become parents, they should be supported, but if they are not, they should have support systems as well. As a social worker, Elizabeth has seen how many unloved children end up in foster care and adoption. Elizabeth believes that if women are presented with options and support systems those numbers could change and we will more happy families and more happy children.

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November 7th

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